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Welcome to The Natural Alternative Center - Dr. Trisha Rossi

Our center, located in New York's upper west side, offers colonic hydrotherapy treatment and various holistic services. Whether you are seeking to renew your vitality, look and feel better, relieve yourself from persistent pain, or if you have other health concerns, we are committed to helping you help yourself.

At our center, we aim to provide the best value in alternative medicine to clients seeking colonics, acupuncture and massage in New York City.  The NAC hosts a warm, pleasant and friendly environment at a beautiful location on the upper west side.

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Colonic Therapy, High Colonics or Colon Hydrotherapy …
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Welcome to The Natural Alternative Center -
Dr. Trisha Rossi N.D.PhD

When the colon is clean and healthy, we experience a feeling of well-being. A healthy individual will have two bowel movements per day. They should be large, well formed, buoyant and not accompanied by a foul odor. If there is even a slight straining, then you are constipated.

According to some estimates about 70 million people in America suffer from some kind of bowel problems. Many people who are not even aware they have a bowel problem are often in the worst condition of all.

When you are not eliminating properly, deposits of waste matter build up along the wall of your colon or in the pockets of the colon. This is why even a mild case of constipation is a very serious problem. Normally, your body pushes waste out of your colon in 18 to 24 hours. When you are not eliminating property, these wastes may not leave for days. If some of the material deposits along the colon wall, it may not leave for months or even years.

These deposits are harmful for several reasons. They make it difficult for the body to absorb minerals and nutrients cause nutritional deficiency no matter how good your diet is or how many vitamins you take. Another harmful effect of these deposits is that the nerve endings in the colon get irritated. This can lead to spastic or inflamed colon. In addition, when the colon is congested with stagnant wastes, poisons back up into the system and pollute the inner environment. This is called autointoxication. Literally, “self-poisoning”. Autointoxication can be a causative factor in numerous serious diseases. This pollution of blood interrupts waste removal at the cellular level.

Many colons today are pinched, prolapsed and over-irritated. Over the counter laxatives are questionable as they over stimulate the tissues of your bowel, weakening the colon even further. And they still don’t remove the hardened deposits. The same is essentially true for ordinary enemas. They merely wash out the fresh wastes.

Colonic therapy is a very ancient method of treatment and form of healing. It has survived through the scientific era because of it’s value to recipients of such healings.

A series of colonics is sometimes necessary to dislodge hardened waste. Colonic irrigation is most effective when employed in combination with exercise and a proper diet of non mucous – producing foods. Fresh fruits, vegetables and certain herbs are suggested to help loosen and dissolve the hardened “Tire Rubber”. Often other procedures are indicated such as nutritional counseling, or herbal therapy.

Once the colon is clean, it is advisable to continue our At-Home Maintenance Program which guarantees healthy tone. Return visits are usually recommended during the change of seasons, when diet and exercise patterns often change. You should also have a colonic before, during, or after a fast or healing crisis to hasten the removal of the toxic waste.

By cleansing the colon of impacted and putrefactive matter, colonics offer relief from a variety of disturbances. Fatigue, gas, headaches, irritability, skin problems, cold hands and feet, and lethargy are among the symptoms people have found relieved by colon cleansing. Constipation, of course, is another, as well as chronic diarrhea. With colonic irrigation, your sense of well being is often dramatically improved. You feel lighter, more energetic. The body can again take nourishment from food and defend itself against disease.

Choose either Colon Therapy Plan
A or B

$125.00 Colonic - Administered By Certified Colon Therapist …
CASH ONLY (First Visit)
$90 - Any Following Colonic visits thereafter may be paid by check or credit card with 2 forms of ID)
(If you decide to have your 1st visit with a certified Therapist you can have a Doctors Consultation, in the future, by phone or in person, for an additional $40)

…………………….. OR CHOOSE …………………………….

$200.00 / $160 (Seasonal Discount) Colonic - Administered By Naturopathic Doctor …CASH ONLY
(includes in-Depth Consultation, Nutritional Counseling, Diagnosis, etc.)
$90 - Any Following Colonic visits thereafter may be paid by check or credit card with 2 forms of ID)

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