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          Colon Therapy is a very ancient method of treatment and form of healing.  It never would have survived thought the scientific era unless it had unquestionable value to those recipients of such healings.

          When a person is constipated, the walls accumulated feces and mucous from many months or years of intestinal cramming.  So, the inside of the colon might be compared to a water pipe which is partly obstructed by mineral deposits and corrosion.

          Thus, you can imagine why the colon can neither absorb nor eliminate property. Foods remain undigested.  Many tablets and capsules are seen by our Naturopathic Doctor passing through entirely whole.  Wastes from the blood arrive at the inner wall of the colon- they cannot pass through this area crammed with hardened feces and mucous, so they are reabsorbed into the body.  Add to this the toxins resulting from the fermentation and putrefaction of undigested food, some 36 poisons including indole, skatole, phenol, cleoso, putrescine, cadaverine, sepsin, and others.

          You can understand now why it is not a simple matter of washing out loose material lying free inside the lower digestive tract.  If this were the case, a high enema or flushing with a lot of water would possible be sufficient to take care of its removal.  However, we have seen many cases at out clinic that pass little more than clear water for the first several visits; then this impacted fecal matter begins to "break down" and the inspection tube is filled with thick, putrid, hard, almost black, foul smelling debris-along with many "flakes" of broken-down mucous and intestinal wall tissue, and sometimes one or more forms of parasites, including tapeworm.

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