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Allergens are substances that cause manifestations of allergy. Because frequently eaten foods remain constantly present in the system, allergic responses to them are responsible for many forms of chronic physical, mental, and emotional problems that are either misdiagnosed or inappropriately treated. One effective and helpful method of treating food allergies is simply for the patient to avoid, or at least dramatically decrease, the intake of foods to which he or she is allergic. This is the most consistent and widely used method of treatment. Symptoms caused by eating a known food allergen daily or twice weekly may be reduced by eating the same food only once every seven to ten days. A nutritional counseling session given by our Naturopathic Doctor will help you, help determine what foods you need to avoid  to limit your food allergy reactions and what you can continue to consume. (Please refer to our Nutritional Counseling link for further information.)  Cleansing through our colonics and detox program is incorporated with treatments for food allergies.



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