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The human body uses electric impulses from the brain to function. All cells in our body produce Bio-Energy. When this energy level is high the cells function properly and nutritional absorption takes place while toxins are released from the body. When we get diseases or are over stressed, our cells are affected and the Bio-Energy level is dramatically reduced, therefore cells cannot function at their best and release toxins efficiently.

The Platinum Energy System's process makes use of the body's natural functions and works by energizing the water to attract positive and negative ions from both the body and the water. When the foot spa is turned on the cartridge emits a Bio-Energetic Resonance that travels through the water and the body. Gas bubbles from around the electrode indicate that an electrolyte reaction is taking place, liberated gases will clearly be seen. The water in the Foot Spa becomes an extension of the water in the body, from which it is separated by nothing more than a thin membrane (skin).

This stimulation can have a positive effect in the rebalancing of the body. This process makes use of the 2000 pores in the existing membrane of the sebaceous and eccrine glands in each foot to help remove by-products of excretion, which includes toxins. As the Bio-Energetic Field in the body restores and rebalances, you see improvements in the regulating supply of nutrients and oxygen to the tissues, thus allowing a greater level of waste products to be excreted. This action should have a positive and noticeable effect on your body's health and wellness, restoring its natural healing powers as shown in research using medically approved equipment.


Why does the water change color?

When waste products leave the body via the sweat glands, they react with the ionized water, causing color changes.

Have you proof of what it cures?

The Platinum Energy System does not cure anything. The foot spa can work with your body to rebalance its bio-energetic fields. When the fields are balanced, you may see improvements in your body's general well-being. In many cases the changes can be quite profound.

Who can use the foot spa?

Almost anyone can use the foot spa. It is uniquely designed to work for people of all ages. The Platinum Energy System can assist you on your path to wellness while allowing you to have extra energy as your body optimizes toxin release.

Contra indications include:

  • Pacemaker or heartbeat regulator
  • Organ transplant recipient
  • Psychotic episodes/Seizures/Epilepsy
  • Diabetics
  • Pregnant or lactating
  • High/low blood pressure
  • Open wounds on their feet

Why is salt added to the water?

Half to one level teaspoon of table salt is required to provide an adequate concentration of ions to work with your body in the release of toxins.

Is the color of the water significant?

The color of the water can vary from person to person and session to session. Your sense of enhanced wellness at many levels is more representative of what occurs than the color of the toxin cocktail left behind. The color of the water is not the definite indicator of the system performance.

What improvements could I notice?

Releasing Toxins can improve:

  • General Body Balance
  • Lactic Acid Reduction
  • General Metabolism
  • Menstrual Pain
  • Kidney Function
  • Liver Function
  • Weight Loss
  • Skin Problems
  • Energy
  • Circulation
  • Arthritis

How often should the foot spa be used?

We recommend the foot spa be used weekly for six weeks or twice a week for three weeks. A monthly maintenance session could enhance your overall wellness. Sessions should be spaced no closer than once every three days.

What experience is saying about the NAC'S DETOX FOOT SPA:

  • Back pains and joint pains improved or temporarily relieved
  • Light headed feeling after treatment, mainly occurring in females (this is a typical response to the loss of toxins)
  • One his second visit, one client gave up dark brown and green toxins, which smelled strongly of nicotine, when in fact he had not smoked for 2 years. His kidney back pain has been substantially relieved.
  • Some clients give up metal deposits while others do not.
  • Light, buoyant feeling to feet.
  • An initial aggravation of repetitive strain injuries with improvement following. Numbness briefly followed by tingling.
  • One client witnessed an improvement to her circulation, having had bloated legs and feet for over 18 years. After one session a noticeable dramatic improvement had taken place (within one week the client's normally swollen feet had shrunk by one half shoe size).
  • General feeling of well-being.
  • A noticeable increase in chlorine detoxed from clients who either drink non-filtered tap water or bathe/swim often.
  • Light straw-colored water appears when clients are not ready to give toxins (i.e., beginning of sessions) or have few toxins to give up (i.e., those on organic restricted or carefully managed diets, including high water intake).
  • Many clients reported urine that was more clear.
  • People with poor sleep patterns have seen vast improvements.
  • Over indulgence in chocolate seems to result in dark-brown water with fatty acids.

All the above information was extracted verbatim via manufacturer's brochures/literature.


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