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DNA Hair Analysis

Dr. Rossi is available to lecture and give workshops on nutrition and diet related topics.  We welcome inquiries on her availability and fees from corporations, hospitals, the media and any small groups and organizations. 

Naturopathic Consultation $100


Hair Analysis

*Not Available In All States*

Hair Analysis, sometimes called Hair Mineral Analysis, is an analytic test that measures the mineral content of the hair. It reflects the internal metabolic environment and evaluates toxic metal exposure and accumulation. A 1980 report from the E.P.A stated that human hair can be effectively used for biological monitoring of the highest priority toxic metals.

Why test for minerals? Because trace minerals are essential in metabolic functions and, according to noted researcher, Dr. Henry Schroeder, are "more important factors in human nutrition than vitamins." Unlike vitamins they cannot be synthesized by living matter, and they provide the energy for combustion of food and are necessary for hormone production and the building of living tissue. Minerals also have an interrelationship with every other nutrient and are enzyme activators.



ZINC Involved in the production, storage, and secretion of insulin and necessary for growth hormones

MAGNESIUM Required for normal muscular function, especially the heart. A deficiency of magnesium has been associated with an increase incidence of heart attacks, anxiety and nervousness

POTASSIUM Critical for normal nutrient transport into the cell. A deficiency can result in muscular weakness, depression, and lethargy

SODIUM Excessive amounts of sodium are associated with hypertension, but adequate amounts are required for normal health


Here are a few more reasons why it's important to find out your mineral level:

Excessive mineral intake can reduce and even negate the beneficial effects of vitamins
Excessive vitamin intake, however, can reduce or negate the effects of minerals
Taking too much iron can contribute to arthritis, elevated blood pressure, headachess, dizziness
Taking too much calcium can contribute to osteoporosis, weight gain and fatigue
Toxic metals can contribute to learning disabilities in children


This is where hair analysis comes in ……
from your end ……….. it is a simple, painless procedure involving
the cutting of a few strands of hair

(about one & a half inch in length)--that's all!



We will provide you with a comprehensive 12 page lab report and interpretation that provides:

1) A complete evaluation and detailed discussion of your metabolic type, current mineral level and ratios, and their impact on your body chemistry.

2) Diet recommendation based on food allergy indicators.

3) Supplement recommendation based upon your age, sex, metabolic type, mineral patterns and specific needs as seen on the tissue mineral analysis.

Doesn’t a blood or urine test tell me just as much as a hair analysis test?
Since hair grows slowly, the test results are substantially more meaningful than the examinations of blood or urine that may show merely the conditions on the day that the sample is collected. Blood tests give information about your mineral levels at the time of the test only. If you’ve just eaten a banana, your test can indicate a high potassium level, even though you may actually need potassium supplementation. On the other hand, hair analysis
results indicate your overall level of potassium– your actual storage levels over a period of time, not just what you ate that day or even that week. A blood test will only accurately report what is
being transported in your blood at the time of the test.
Testing for minerals in the urine measures the minerals that are being excreted from your body not necessarily what has been absorbed as fuel for your body. Blood and urine tests are like snapshots whereas a Hair Analysis is the video of your retention.

Take the Hair Analysis At Home:

1. Fill out the form contained on this link: Hair Analysis Intake Form

2. Choose the 5 predominant symptoms from the Symptoms List

3. Cut hair from the scalp (see illustration), under arms, or pubic region; discarding all but the one inch closest to the root.  You will need to collect approximately the weight of one penny worth of hair.


DNA/TMA Hair Analysis $203

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