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Champion 2000+ Juicer

The Champion Juicer is Easy to Use.....The Large Feeding Chamber Reduces Prep Time by Allowing Larger Pieces. It doesn't require bolts, nuts, screws or clamps. Assembly can be completed in seconds. Clean-Up is Just as Simple.

The Champion Juicer is Versatile.....In Addition to Fresh Juices, The Champion Juicer can also make Fruit Sauces, Baby Foods, Nut Butters, Ice Cream, Sherbets, and Fruit Smoothies.

The Champion Juicer is Powerful.....The Industrial Strength Motor Powers the Improved Masticating Process that chews through fibers to break loose high volumes of nutrient saturated cells.

The Champion Juicer is Durable....Long Lasting Stainless Steel Construction resists both wear and food odor. A stainless steel shaft is complemented by the tempered stainless steel blades cast directly into the cutter for added strength. This way, the blades will never separate, twist, tarnish, or rust. The durability of the Champion 2000+ Juicer is backed by a 5-year limited warranty on all juicing parts and a 3-year limited warranty on it's motor (provided by the manufacturer).

The Champion Juicer Delivers The Goods....The Champion 2000+ Juicer is designed to produce the highest possible quality of juices and foods. It's a difference you can see in the color of the juice: darker, richer colors contain more of the pigments -and nutrients- you desire, while the extracted pulp is pale in color. And rest assured, it's a difference you can taste. Champion juices will likely be richer, sweeter and more full bodied than any juice you've tasted before.


Champion 2000+ Juicer

Choose from four Fashon Colors (White, Black, Almond, Grey)

$233 + S/H

Miracle Wheat Grass Juicer Model MJ 550

Most efficent electric wheat grass juicer for home use. Ideal for wheat grass, other leafy greens, soft fruits, and berries. Stainless steel screen. 220 watt motor. Household use only. 1 year warranty.

$184 + S/H


Back To Basics Stainless Steel Wheat Grass Juicer

Made entirely of quality stainless steel. Pressure control screw adjusts to give maximum pressure and juice output. Juices wheat grass and leafy vegetables.

$127 + S/H

Ting Ting Accupressure Massager

The Ting-Ting massager is specailly designed to stimulate accupressure points on the scalp, it is also able to be used as a general purpose massager.

$22 + S/H

Tampico Dry Skin Brush

The Tampico Skin Brush can be used to aid the body’s natural cleansing process, as part of a Yerba Prima Internal Cleansing Program, to exercise and stimulate the skin and to gently exfoliate and deep clean the skin. Skin brushing is recommended by many natural health care practitioners, and is performed in various ways in cultures around the world. Yerba Prima's Tampico Skin Brush removes dead skin cells and helps promote the natural elimination and cleansing process that occurs through the pores of the skin. It is used by many health professionals for acupressure therapy.
The Tampico Skin Brush is made from a natural plant fiber - the desert-dwelling agave plant. It comes with a detachable long handle for ease of use.

As the largest eliminative organ, the skin plays a vital role in ridding the body of toxins and impurities. Many health practitioners recommend dry skin brushing to open up the pores of the skin and clean out the lymphatic system. When the pores are not clogged with dead cells and the lymphatic system is cleansed, the body is able to carry out its important function of eliminating toxins and waste material.

How to Skin Brush

The best time to dry skin brush is right before your morning shower or bath. Remember to brush when the skin is dry, since the skin may pull and sag if it is brushed wet. Begin by gently brushing with one-stroke movements. The skin should not become red. If it does, you are probably brushing too hard. The basic principle is to brush from the outermost points of your body (hands and feet) towards the center. Start by brushing from your feet to your abdomen, then from your hands up your arms towards the heart. Brush across your upper back and down the front and back of your torso. Cover the entire surface of your skin.

The best way to find out about the benefits of skin brushing is to try it for yourself. Most people find that it feels wonderful, helps to keep the skin youthful and beautiful and actually improves the health of the whole body. Dry skin brushing is the most powerful thing you can do for the skin and lymphatic system on a daily basis. It takes only a few minutes a day and really produces results.

$10 + S/H

Toilet Steps

The modern toilet was a great mistake, it leaves two areas of the colon unsupported. Humans were designed to squat, toilet steps help mimic this posture and support the colon as you bear down. Use of a modern toilet without a step can result in incomplete elimination, fecal stagnation, and kinked bowels.

Adjustable Metal Toilet Step $55 + S/H

Poor toilet positioning hinders proper bowel elimination. Squatting is how nature intended for us to eliminate. Standard toilet seats have you sitting at a 90-degree angle which leaves unsupported the two sides of the colon. Buying a “life-step” for your toilet positions your knees higher than your hips and maximizes your body’s ability to eliminate toxic bowels.

Easy to Clean Plastic Toilet Step $40 + S/H

Age In Reverse Presents: BodySlant

We can't see Gravity. We can't hear Gravity. Nor can we touch, taste, or smell Gravity. Thus, when it comest ot keeping up our health and beauty, we seldom think about Gravity and its powerful influence over our mental and physical well-being in our earth-bound lives. Yet, the effects of Gravity's constant downward pull on our faces, necks, shoulders, chests, backs, organs, hips, legs, and feet are painfully obvious to most of us. For instance, it's not old age which causes our bodies to shrink on this planet: It's Gravity.

And exercising, to shape up our bodies, can actually compound the situation. For the more we run, the more we jump, and the more we lift, the more down-to-earth our bodies become-thanks to Gravity. Just the weight of one's body on impact with the ground from walking is over twice that as when on is standing still. But no matter where we go on this planet, we can never get away from Gravity: It is always underfoot.

Gravity never lightens up! Nor does it descriminate. Young or old, rich or poor, fit or unfit, we are all (at every moment) equally hard-pressed no toe be brought to our knees (and even fall prostrated) before this well entrenched landlord of the underworld.

If Gravity can prevent water from flowing upward, it can also prevent the blood in our bodies from flowing upward freely (above our hearts) and into our heads-whenever we sit, stand and sleep with our heads on top of pillows. And poor circulation up to our eyes, ears, gums, faces, scalps, and brains is a good reason why these, our most precious faculties, deteriorate first during our earthly existence. For most of us, simply sitting and standing can be a never-ending uphill battle angainst Gravity. And, whether we realize it or not, the longer we maintain these positions, the more of our human enregy is drained by Gravity. The heavy hand of Gravity also takes its toll on our internal organs, It compresses our lungs and limits breatihg capacity; it prolapses our colons and slows metabolism and elimination. And the colon's descent on our sex organs is a major downer.

Bottomline: Every aspect of our well grounded existance is undermined by Gravity.

Getting Gravity to Work for You

Compensating for Gravity's pull on the human body, with the aid of the modern BodySlant, is extremely safe and comfortable for everyone. Indeed, it's as easy as lying on a bed-because that's what it is a super-firm, and multi-functional piece of furnature. Letting the Law of Gravity work for you (from time to time) instead of against you (all the time) is the natural tilt of the BodySlant . For long standing people, however, the buoyant-like sensation of calmly resting on the BodySlant, and literally staying on top of gravity, is inexpressible. Only by stretching-out you body on the BodySlant (with your head lower than your heart-and your feet higher than your heart) can you actually fathom THE BODYSLANT EXPERIENCE for yourself.


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Einstein Model: 5 Cushons

$298 + 25 s&h

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Newton Model: 3 Sections

198 + 25 s&h

Airslant Inflatable

$98 + 10 s&h

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