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The Real Light Wavez Difference


The visible difference in my skin is dramatic since I began using my LightWavez Wand. My age spots are fading away, my skin has tightened and people are saying that my skin has a radiant glow. It's does. But that is just the visible difference.

I have been receiving full body LightWavez Massages from my therapist Denise Glueck and not only does my skin all over my body feel soft and smooth while signs of skin aging are also decreasing...but the stiffness and discomfort from years of skating and gymnastic injuries are also decreasing. Denise also intuitively uses the wand to light up the meridians, the marma points and lymphatic drainage points on my body as well as to stimulate the reflexology points on my feet. What an amazing massage--it truly effects the way I look and feel.

Photo Rejuvenation with intense pulsed red and infrared light has long been proven effective by doctors and aestheticians--but now, for the first time--with this new personal LightWavez--therapists, healers, energy workers and mothers are intuitively using light to do more than work on wrinkles and brown spots! We are lighting up lives! I am grateful to have this wand in my life.
-- Kare Possick, President, LightWavez International, Inc.


My whole life I have been embarrassed by a strawberry birthmark by my neck. In school, kids teased me about it and called it a 'hickey'...I even chose a high neck wedding dress to conceal it. I am amazed how it has gradually disappeared before my eyes. My skin was dry and beginning to look old,...but between my LightWavez and Klamath Beauty Skin Kare System...I look and feel better than I have in years. I manage a travel agency and talk on the phone a lot. I keep my wand with me at all I often work on the spots on my left arm...holding my phone in my right hand. My friends are telling me it's time to switch hands! I love my Wand and am sharing it with all my friends. -- Cheri Reed


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