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          Beginning in 1927, Milton Trager, M.D., developed this intuitive approach to movement reeducation that uses a method of gentle, rhythmical touch combined with a series of movement exercises. Although the techniques are very different from Feldenkrais work, the purpose is largely the same: to help the client recognize and release habitual patterns of tensions that are present in posture and movement. He established the Trager Institute with Betty Fuller in 1980.

          Dr. Trager's approach uses no specific techniques of movement or massage. Instead the practitioner is taught to feel how the client is  holding his or her body, and by applying carious rocking, pulling, and rotational movements to the client's head, torso, ad appendages, the therapist gently loosens tense muscles and stiff joints. Dr.Trager believes that the unconscious mind will always mimic movements that result in an improved sense of pleasure and freedom.

          Mentastics is a term coined by Dr. Trager to mean "mental gymnastics." These exercises are free-flowing, dance like movements designed to increase awareness of how the body moves for the purpose of learning how to move more effortlessly. An exercise may be as simple as letting the arms or legs drop to one side or the other, or adding a small shaking or swinging motion to a foot and leg while walking. Dr. Trager designed the exercises to reinforce the relaxation awareness established from the hands-on bodywork.

           Dr. Trager takes a particular interest in applying his approach to people suffering from severe neuromuscular disturbances resulting from injury, disease, and aging, including disorders such as polio, muscular dystrophy, and multiple sclerosis. In addition, many athletes have found that the work has increased their efficiency of movement and stamina. To date, over seven thousand people have been trained in Trager's techniques, with nine hundred currently certified practitioners worldwide.

$100.00 per hour.


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